Our Values And Aims

Sharing Common Values And Aims

People and Mining is an inclusive space to help people learn, network and work together on our shared interests at the intersection between mining and people. At the core of the People and Mining are a set of shared values and aims that drives the network forwards.

If you're thinking of getting involved and joining us for an event then please familiarise yourself with the aims and values below to make sure we can support each other as best as possible.

Our Values

Diversity and Inclusivity

This is a space where diverse people and ideas are welcomed, ensuring all are included in discussions and debate.


We welcome and seek equal participation from all backgrounds, ages and career stages.


Being respectful to each other and how bringing diverse voices into conversations may highlight different ideas, opinions or agendas.

Our Aims

Exchange Knowledge

Being dialogue focused to broaden our perspectives by respecting different opinions and experiences, recognising paradox and ambiguity in complex issues.

Develop Ideas

Doing justice to complex issues and the puzzles and problems that emerge by drawing on different ways of thinking and experiences.

Foster Collaboration

Actively looking for ways to creatively work together by recognising that our diversity creates opportunity for synergy and news ways of working.

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