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Meet Our Core Team

Our core team (all mining puns intended) have been working hard to plan, create and organise People in Mining. We are a diverse group that bridge disciplinary and traditional boundaries, stretching across departments at University of Exeter and collaborating with the development organisation Pact.

Beginning as an in person seminar series, funding from the University of Exeter's College of Social Science and International Studies has allowed us to get this network off the ground and into the digital sphere.

Want To Get Involved?

We are so pleased about the enthusiasm and support we have already got for People and Mining. We want to shape and grow the network in a way that reflects the interests, ideas and priorities of everyone involved.

We would love to hear from you, as your ideas and input will help direct future discussions and provide focus for upcoming upcoming events.

We see People and Mining as a collaborative platform. Moving forward we hope for more people and organisations to get involved to share ideas and collaborate on future events.

Reach out to get involved and help shape the future of People and Mining.

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